mental health professional taking notes


The heart of MHART

Volunteers are the heart of MHART. Your generosity and care for the mental health needs of the community inspired the creation of MHART and continues to drive new programs and services.

At the moment, we have two primary ways for mental health professionals to volunteer through MHART.

  1. MHART Emotional Support Line – Volunteers with the Support Line are on-boarded through Family and Children Services and answer calls from healthcare workers and first responders seeking emotional support. Shifts are typically divided into 4 hour increments.
  2. Pro Bono Therapy – Volunteers who are licensed mental health professionals and have the infrastructure to provide therapy services can join our referral database. For the current project, volunteers are providing 4 free therapy sessions to essential workers (e.g., healthcare, retail, education, distribution). When we receive a therapy request, we will match each therapy seeker with 3 referrals from our volunteer database based on location and preferences. Read our "Guide for Volunteers for the Four Pro Bono Sessions" for more information.

We need your help

If you are not a mental health professional and would like to volunteer with MHART, we have several current needs. We are particularly looking for individuals who would like to donate services related to:

  1. Social media and marketing
  2. Administrative work
  3. Salesforce development

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering your services.