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Pro Bono Therapy

Support for Tennesseans Facing Disaster

If you are recovering from a natural disaster or are an essential worker feeling stress, anxiety, sadness, or burn out related to your work, we can help. Our volunteers are licensed professionals offering four free mental health sessions to those recovering from disaster and pandemic stress. Examples of essential workers include grocery clerks, healthcare workers, teachers, janitorial staff, banking, and service workers. Our volunteers offer free short-term mental health care to support you while you support our community.

  • MHART will match you with a licensed volunteer mental health professional who will schedule your appointments and provide treatment.
  • Four free sessions are provided.
  • Examples of topics you may want to discuss with your therapist include coping strategies, anxiety, grief, worry, and burn out.
  • Your therapist will not provide MHART with any personal information about you.
  • MHART will have no involvement in your clinical relationship with your therapist. MHART is only a referral service.

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